Friday, August 4, 2017

Gobblers Knob

We drove up FSR 59 east of Ashford to the Glacier View Trailhead and hiked up to Goat Lake and Gobblers Knob an 8 mile rt hike with an overall elevation gain of 1,900 ft.
We hiked through a small meadow near the parking area before entering the forest. When we reached the T junction we went right (south) towards Beljica Meadows.

 The trail drops about 150 ft down to Beljica Meadows where we saw lots of wildflowers and had a nice view of Mount Beljica to the south.

There was lots of water and lots of bugs at Beljica Meadows.

After the meadows, the trail ascends a short ways and at 1 mile from the trailhead connects with the Lake Christine trail, we headed left/north on this trail. 

The trail descends about 300 ft on the 1-1/2 miles down to Goat Lake. We saw frogs, salamanders and fish jumping in the lake.

From Goat Lake, the trail continues to the west and after 1/2 mile enters Mt Rainier National Park. From Goat Lake to Gobblers Knob is another 1-1/2 miles with 1,200 ft of gain.

The trail is mostly forested (very nice on a hot summer day), but does go through a couple of open meadows.

After the trail crests on the south side of Gobblers Knob, watch for the trail signs after descending about 50 ft or so. The 0.4 mile spur trail to Gobblers Knob is on the left/north. Part way up we had a sneak peek of Mt Rainier.

Looking up at the fire lookout on Gobblers Knob, the trail continues around the west side of Gobblers Knob from here.

Mt Rainier from Gobblers Knob, the sky was a bit hazy from wildfires in British Columbia.

 Final bit of trail to the lookout on Gobblers Knob.

View through the window of the lookout

 view from the deck on the lookout to the east: Mt Rainier and Tahoma Creek.

below us to the southeast is Lake George

to the south is Mt Wow

 to the west is Goat Lake

another view of Mt Rainier hiking down from Gobblers Knob.

Besides mosquitos and flies, there were butterflies and moths.

Some of the wildflowers and other flora we saw along the hike today:


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