Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Trail of Ten Falls

 Drove down to Silver Falls State Park in Oregon to hike the Trail of Ten Falls. This trail is mainly a loop with a couple of side trails, 7.2 miles with 800 ft of elevation change.
We started at the North Falls Parking area and took the 0.3 mile spur trail up to Upper North Falls.
Upper North Falls has a drop of  65 ft, we then returned to the main trail.
 We took the Canyon Trail going counter clockwise. Most of the trail follows the North Fork of Silver Creek.

 North Falls as seen from the south side of the trail as we descend into the canyon.
 North Falls has a drop of 136 ft.
 The trail continues behind the falls.

Here you can see the trail which goes behind the falls.
 View of North Falls from the north side of the trail.
 Looking back at North Falls as we continue down the canyon.
 It is about 1 mile between North Falls and Twin Falls, we enjoyed the walk along the forested canyon, the moss was so pretty in the sunlight.
 Twin Falls has a 31 foot drop
Twin Falls has seen from further down the trail.

 There were lots of small streams flowing down the canyon walls today.

Less then 0.5 mile down the trail is Middle North Falls, it has a 106 ft drop. View from the short spur trail to Middle North Falls.

 The spur trail continues behind Middle North Falls to the other side of the Creek
 View of Middle North Falls from the south side of the creek.
 View from behind Middle North Falls
View of Middle North Falls from further down on the Canyon Trail.
The next 3 falls are within 0.5 mile from Middle North Falls.
Drake Falls has a 27 ft drop
 A short spur trail leads to Double Falls, which has a total of 184 ft drop
The upper portion of Double Falls is harder to see, the closer you get to Double Falls.
 Back on the Canyon Trail is Lower North Falls

Lower North Falls has a drop of 30 ft

Another view of Lower North Falls from further down the trail

Soon, the trail crosses the North Fork of Silver Creek and continues for about a mile before heading up along the side of the South Fork of Silver Creek.

A short ways up along the South Fork of Silver Creek we could see Lower South Falls.

Lower South Falls has a drop of 93 ft.

There was so much water flowing over Lower South Falls, it was had to see through the falls as the trail continues behind the falls.

 View of Lower South Falls from the west side of the trail.

 About a mile up stream is South Falls which has a 177 ft drop.
Here there is an option to cross the creek over a stream or take the trail behind the falls.

 We opted to take the trail behind South Falls, here is the view from the other side.

We continued to the end of the Canyon Trail and took the 2 mile  Rim Trail back to the North Falls Trailhead.
About halfway along the Rim Trail is the Winter Trail which crosses the canyon back to the Canyon Trail. We took  a slight side trip by only going far enough down the Winter Trail to view Winter Falls, which has a 134 ft drop.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Dungeness River Road Trail

We headed out to the west side of Hood Canal on the Olympic Peninsula to hike up the closed Dosewallips Road to the Dosewallips Campground. The road had a major washout in 2002 closing the road 5.5 miles from the campground. In the last year or two another washout closed the road an additional 1.2 miles.
 Large streams have torn up the road here making it very difficult for cars to pass. We had no difficulty crossing on foot.
With all the rain softening up the road over the years it feels more like a trail than a road.
 We did have some nice views of the Dosewallips River and the Mt Jupiter Hills as we hiked.
After 1.2 miles, we reached the road washout and took the switchbacks on the left up an over a plateau before returning down to the old road.
 As the road meanders, we would get peek a boo views of the Dosewallips River.
 There were many small streams flowing from the other side of the road/trail.
 After 5.5 miles, we reached the Olympic National Park Boundary.
 There were a few downed trees along the way, all easy to maneuver around.
 Another stream, this one covered in downed trees.
 An old rock slide before the road goes around a large rock cliff. A short ways after this, the road was covered in patchy snow.
Here is the "waterfall" section of the Dosewallips River.
So amazing to watch the river cascade down between boulders.

Once we walked passed the "waterfall" section, the road was consistently covered in snow. We did not need to use snowshoes nor traction.

View of the Dosewallips River as it comes our from the campground.

Lots of beautiful trees surrounding a meadow at the campground.

 There was about 6" of snow here. We saw some deer in the campground and only a couple of other people.
We found a lovely spot along the Dosewallips River to take a lunch break.

 On our hike back, we stopped to look at the alternate river route where the large washout occurred. As we couldn't see where the trail was after the fallen log, we decided to play it safe and hiked back over the switchbacks on the detour route.